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Our customized ordering process is part of the reason it is an enjoyable experience doing business with Capstone Office Products. You may order by phone, fax, or computer. We want you to feel free to use whichever method is easiest for you and your company. Regardless of your method, you can be assured of accuracy and a timely delivery. If you have an urgent order and it is placed by 5:00 p.m., you will receive it the next business day.

Orders by phone:
To place an order by phone, please call us at (703) 764-8874. It is quick and easy to set up an account with us. You may pay by credit card or fill out a credit application if you prefer to be billed. After your account is set up, you need only give us the name your account is under when you place orders. You do not have to worry about giving us shipping or billing information unless there has been a change. Our customers who choose to order by phone, appreciate that when they call they do not have to go through a series of automated messages. The moment you call, you will speak to a live person who will not keep you holding.

Orders via fax:
To place an order by fax, our fax number is (703) 764-4405. Please be sure to include all essential information. If you already have an existing account with Capstone it is not necessary to fax over your credit card number. Always include a contact name and a phone number so that we may call you if we have any questions concerning your order.
To receive next day delivery, please be sure to fax your order during normal business hours. (Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Online Ordering:
If you wish to be set up for online ordering please call and ask to speak to your Sales Representative. He or she will get all the necessary information from you to help get you started. Most importantly, your Sales Rep will help you determine the best approach to this method. For example, you can give certain individuals in your company the authority to purchase and have their orders go directly to Capstone. Another option would be giving them limitations. We can set it up so that all orders over a certain dollar amount will first be sent to an approver within your company. That approver would receive an e-mail notifying them there is an order on hold. They would then look at the order and make adjustments if necessary, and only when they submit the order will it come to Capstone. Your Sales Rep can get you started over the phone, or could come to your location to help you and your staff.

Order Options:
At Capstone, we believe that every customer is unique, with their own particular needs and requirements. That's why you'll find the kind of flexibility when it comes to ordering and invoicing at Capstone that simply isn't available from our larger competitors.

Because we care more, we'll give you a truly customized program that's designed to addresses your specific office procurement needs. We'll help you streamline your overall procurement process in a way that will help you save time and money every business day.

You can order from our local warehouse by Internet, phone, fax, E-Mail, or service rep: We make it easy, with plenty of tools and options to choose from. You're the customer and whatever works best for you, works best for us!

As a Capstone customer, we'll give you the systems and information you need to manage your office needs efficiently and cost-effectively. And our sales and customer service team will make sure communication lines stay open, so that we can fine-you're your processes and respond to changes and new requirements as they arise.

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